About Us

A Durban Based Acrobatic Studio offering a Professional Acrobatic Dance Curriculum

We’re more than just a dance studio. We’re a family of excited, energized students and passionate educators. We help our students set goals and teach them the skills to achieve them. We’re about love, commitment, support, and healthy challenges. We’re about sharing the joy of the art form of dance with all of our students and are committed to a life on the stage.

At The Dance Platform, we are dedicated to enriching children’s lives through quality dance instruction in a nurturing and challenging environment.  Our classes balance traditional technical training with fostering each child’s natural love of movement.  Students in our programme leave class with respect for themselves, a feeling of accomplishment and above all, inspired!


  • Consistent Quality – At The Dance Platform, we are dedicated to providing a high quality dance education to all of our students regardless of their age, ability, or commitment level. A beginning level dancer in the studio once a week is just as important to us as our advanced students who train all week long.
  • Small Classes – Our ideal class size is 12 or fewer students. Your child will receive individualized attention every week in class from our qualified instructors. We are dedicated to the education and growth of each and every one of our students as a dancer and as a young person.
  • Guest Teachers – We bring in guest artists to teach and perform to expose our students to a wide range of dance techniques and styles to help them become strong, versatile dancers with open minds and hearts.
  • Customer Experience – Customer service is of great importance to us. The Dance Platform Owner, Shalane Allwright, personally responds to all emails and phone calls to make sure that students are registered in the appropriate level and that all parents’ question’s are answered.

As a team we excel in all opportunities offered to the sport and our records show!

Member of The Theatre Dance Association & The South African Gymnastics Federation