MOVE! 2018

Our Creative Arts Team participated in MOVE! Regionals in August 2018, held in Durban at Westville Boys High School.

It was our first year competing in this event and we had no idea what to expect. The nerves were rattled, the tension was high and all our hard work was about to be put to the test.

The Dance Platform entered over 35 routines comprising of Solos, Duets and Groups.

The girls knew they had a hectic day ahead of them entailing a tight schedule, allowing for only a 2 min change between each performance, but nonetheless we did what was needed to be done and performed like superstars.

We successfully made it to the National Event, which was held in Cape Town.

Training hours increased, execution of technique was drilled with repetitive polishing of all routines ensuring each and every dancer had the best chance at a podium placing.


Brooklyn Massey-hicks (9 years of age) won her Acrobatic Solo and further awarded the overall aggregate achieved across all dance disciplines in her age category, with Paige Sapwell taking 2nd place.

Amy Keulder won her Acrobatic Solo

Dakota Sumner also winning her Acrobatic Solo, was further awarded the overall aggregate achieved across all dance disciplines in her age category. She also went on to win the “Wild About You” Award at Nationals.

Joanna Cave was awarded 3rd place in her age division.

Tara Cave won her Acrobatic Solo and was in the running for top aggregate achieved.

Our Duets took 1st/2nd and 3rd placings with our group a 2nd.

We had a successful competition and look forward to MOVE! 2019.

We Thank TDA for this amazing platform in which they have provided our dancers and can only foresee it going from strength to strength as the years pass. A competition that ticks all the boxes and surpasses the international standard.