The Creative Arts Team

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Two of our girls were selected to perform in the Final Showcase at The South African Championships of Performing Arts (SACOPA) 2018.

Dakota Sumner and Brooklyn Massey-Hicks performed their Duet – Fight. Please see Link Below for Full Performance

What is The Creative Arts Team? 

Girls who participate in the annual examinations, will be individually selected by the external adjudicator for the Creative Arts Team, either by obtaining the highest mark across the different examinations or showing great potential and strength within their individual levels.

There are 30 spots available in the Team. If the adjudicator feels that a few girls excelled all expectations and deserve to be selected, she is allowed to offer more openings into the Team.

The Creative Arts Team will participate in Competitons, Championships and Festivals all over South Africa, representing their studio.

They will also be offered the opportunity to perform in local events. 

Selection is optional  

If your daughter/s are selected for the Creative Arts Team, you as the parent/s, can decline or accept the opportunity offered to your daughter.

Once you have committed to the Creative Arts Team, please be aware that this committment needs to be upheld from Term 1 (2019) to the following year, Term 1 (2020). 
Commitment to The Team represents the responsibility of accepting the terms and conditions as mentioned within the body of this email and comes with the understanding that your participation within the Team is to be honoured.

We compete in 2 main Championships every year. 
* SACOPA – South African Championship of Performing Arts * Acrobatic Federation of South Africa Festival
This year August we will be trying a new Championship which has been introduced to Durban Dancers for the first time. 
This competition will be discussed in detail on selection of the Team. 

Training Regime
Girls will be asked to commit to additional training, over and above their normal Level Classes. 
All classes are to be attended. Unfortunately it becomes very hard to choreograph or train the girls adequately when we have team members missing rehearsals. 
A DC needs to be provided if a dancer is to miss classes. 
Classes missed on a regular basis will result in the dancer forfeiting her placement within the team. 
With the understanding that these Championships and Festivals are not “cheap”, The Dance Platform reserves the right to have rules and regulations in place to ensure successful training programs and polished performances at competitions.

Committing to Competitions/Championships

When committing to a Festival or Championship, all dancers and parents will commit to the full duration of the competition.
Ie. SACOPA Nationals run for 10 days in Johannesburg. 
Travel and Accomodation arrangements are to be arranged solely by the parent and are not the responsibility of The Dance Platform. 
You are more then welcome to stay with family if we partake in a competition that resides in the same district.

Creative Arts Team Tracksuit and Bags 

The girls will be dressed accordingly at all events in the Creative Arts Team Tracksuit. This is not optional. 
We are continuously congratulated on our outstanding representation of the Studio at events and how well groomed our girls are, on and off the stage, something we take pride in and will continue to uphold for the years to come. 


Any parent or dancer who displays bad sportsmanship or conducts themself in a manner which is not condoned, will be asked to leave the competition.
They will not be offered the opportunity to participate further in any upcoming Festival/Championships for the remainder of the year. 
As parents, we need to provide a platform that is positive and show them how to display professionalism in such events.